Add value to data carriers directly at the machine with TWINT

TWINT is the leading payment app in Switzerland for payment at cash registers, on the internet, in farm shops, or of course at vending machines.
Hug-Witschi has integrated TWINT directly into the DIVA2 platform and offers this payment method with the Beacon variant.
For upgrading your Legic or Mifare badge with TWINT, we have equipped our Compact Loaders accordingly. All devices in the STANDARD line support TWINT upgrading via QR code.

The latest innovation shows that it can be even easier, namely upgrading directly at the machine.
If the machine is already equipped with a DIVA2 system and TWINT, it is now also possible to top up with an (adjustable) fixed amount.

To do this, hold the badge up to the reader in the usual way and pair your smartphone with the TWINT app at the same time.
Immediately and automatically, without the user having to do anything, the TWINT app indicates that the preset amount is to be topped up – it couldn’t be easier!

You can see how it works in the Youtube video on our channel:
TWINT Youtube Video