How can I configure DIVA?

The settings of the DIVA are made via a VT100 terminal emulation. A Terminal is a device or software, which has a display and a keyboard. These include handheld PCs, laptops for all operating systems or the DIVA2 handheld. Via network you may configure via Telnet. All settings can be changed using the Terminal.

Can you copy a configured DIVA on other devices?

DIVA2 offers the possibilities to copy complete settings and transfer to other devices (cloning). Cloning is possible with PC / laptops, SDcard or network via the cloud.

Where do I set prices?

The prices are usually set in the DIVA2. Thus one has the most options with regard to price variants. But prices also may be controlled by the vending machine or by a back office.

How can I use transactions?

The function of transaction storage can be used for all types of payment systems. Networked DIVA2 systems deliver transactions automatically to the Backoffice. Not networked DIVA2 can store an unlimited number of transactions on a SDcard.

How can I connect a DIVA2 to a network?

A LAN connection is available on the devices DIVA2 base, DeLight, and LeX. A GSM modem is option can be retrofitted on virtually all devices. A variant of the LeX reader already has a built in modem.