1. July 2021

Switzerland: new software available for note reader Cashcode

The banknotes of the 8th banknote series have been recalled as of April 30, 2021, and are thus no longer considered official means of payment. However, […]
17. May 2021


MaX2 can be used as the little brother of the DIVA2 Base Controller for clearly defined tasks in the vending machine: Protocol converter to MDB. All […]
8. April 2021

Compact Loader Desk

As a supplement to the popular Compact Loader, from May 2021 we will be offering a very compact model that enables purely cashless upgrades via all […]
8. February 2021

Add value to data carriers directly at the machine with TWINT

TWINT is the leading payment app in Switzerland for payment at cash registers, on the internet, in farm shops, or of course at vending machines. Hug-Witschi […]