17. June 2019
Compact Loader Standard mit TWINT

Compact Loader with TWINT

The model “Compact Loader” is immediately delivered with colored touch screen. Thus, the device can optionally be equipped with TWINT in order to load the badge. […]
29. November 2018

Compact Loader EFT

Thanks to the Compact Loader EFT, cash handling is a thing of the past. With the open concept, all existing RFID data carriers can be upgraded […]
22. August 2018

Desk Reader DeDesk USB

The DeDesk reader is the physical embodiment of a unique concept. The reader electronics have been restricted to a minimum while the entirety of the RFID […]
21. August 2018


TWINT is a payment and shopping app which was launched by leading Swiss companies. Whether payments are to be effected at the till, in e-commerce, at […]