The LoadIt2 program enables the loading and withdrawal of any amounts on a data carrier, which is used in the catering industry for payment at vending machines or at the POS.
Compatible readers: : DeDesk, DeLight Desk

Freeware programs

All freeware programs on this page can be run free-of-charge either with or without a licence file. For programs with a licence file, a free-of-charge licence must be requested via e-mail. This is processed within seven days. The author does not accept any liability for the up-to-dateness, correctness, completeness or quality of the freeware provided. There is no entitlement to support and/or further development of this freeware. Any comments can be sent by post to

XML Collector 

Transactions (XML format offline) and EVADTS data from all DIVA / DIVA2 can be read out with the free tool XMP-Collector.

MultiFwLoader (Freeware)

With the tool MultiFwLoader DIVAx devices can be updated. The tool allows you to load the firmware update in parallel from up to 8 DIVAx. All new DIVA2 and old DIVA systems are supported.

Print Simulator (Freeware)

Printer Simulator is a simple program which simulates an Epson TM series printer. Using the software, the printer protocol, receipts, otras and short bills of a DIVA2 device can be printed and displayed digitally.

BDV Simulator (Freeware)

The software is a simulator for a vending machine with BDV protocol. It comprises the following application cases which occur with vending machines: Normal sale, free of charge mode, sale jammed, sale failed and negative sale (money loaded into vending machine is used in reverse vending machines).

DHT DIVA Helper Tool (Freeware)

The DHT offers support for the technician in his daily work with DIVA and DIVA2 products.
With the PC tool, the settings can be made via the terminal and all possible data can be read out, such as prices or the current settings. Prices can be exported and imported (Excel).
Configurations (clone, html file) are better managed by storing them by automat or customer.
And much more…