TWINT is a payment and shopping app which was launched by leading Swiss companies. Whether payments are to be effected at the till, in e-commerce, at vending machines or between friends, with TWINT, the user pays extremely easily with their smartphone and retailers benefit from low transaction costs. For further information, see The cashless solution has been integrated into the DIVA2 family. The device communicates via LAN or GSM with the Hug-Witschi MobilePaymentGateway, which is, in turn, connected to the TWINT server. As a result, the reader (POS) does not require a separate security certificate and it is easy to set up a point of sale. TWINT can be operated in combination with cash or cashless systems and ensures uniform billing across all devices. The networked DIVA2 devices can also be maintained remotely via the spicls cloud solution and can supply data when requested. It can also be used in combination with Spider so that the vending machine can, for example, also be connected online with the canteen system.