Compact Loader with TWINT

Compact Loader Standard mit TWINT

The model “Compact Loader” is immediately delivered with colored touch screen. Thus, the device can optionally be equipped with TWINT in order to load the badge. In addition to the bill validator, for the Swiss market you also have the possibility for cashless revaluation.

The two EFT models (EFT, EFT + bill) with transfer to the RFID card system via Visa, Master, Maestro etc. can also be expanded with TWINT.

The TWINT function can be activated remotely via telemetry at any time and offers lucrative fees for operators.

TWINT is the leading payment system for mobile payment in Switzerland. With the TWINT app, you can make payments easily and conveniently: in online shops, at supermarket cash registers, in canteens and at vending machines. TWINT offers you many options and is always secure.