After 18 months of development time, Firmware 8.50 has been released and is available free of charge in the download area for the entire DIVA2 family.

An update can be performed remotely (LAN, GSM), via SD card or serially (Teraterm, DHT).

The more than 80 new functions simplify the handling, in some cases considerably. For example, the new DHT tool (free of charge) allows simpler and faster cloning, firmware updates, reading out the configuration and similar.

The readers DeLight, LeX and DeDesk (DLL) now process more data media automatically without any settings and also more securely and quickly.
Charging stations and other systems with smart touch displays (SKAV) are supported.

Furthermore, the system is now multi-client capable for a powerful cloud solution and with DAS (Distributed Audit System), billing/statistics can be used more flexibly than ever before.

Also important are numerous small improvements, which you may only notice by chance.

Version 8.50.11 is now available for new orders. The complete history of all changes (about 300 since v7.80) is also available for download.