Changing of the guard at Crane: New coin changer Gryphon

Discontinuation of cash flow:

Gryphon replaces the various models of the cash flow family.
With immediate effect, the CF7900 is no longer available (except our stock items). The CF8200 can still be ordered for a few months.
Spare parts will be available for years to come. Until then, Hug-Witschi will be able to carry out your repairs as usual.


After the Gryphon has already been successfully sold in the USA and Europe for a year, it is now also coming to Switzerland. The device combines
the benefits of the Cash Flow Family and Currenza (formerly NRI).
While the best elements were consistently developed further, the known weaknesses of these devices were eliminated in the Gryphon.

The result is a 6 tube changer with new electronics and numerous outstanding features:

More practical and faster

  • Configuration and SW updates as well as data readout via USB stick
  • Intuitive service menu for settings
  • Replace tubes with a few simple steps

More robust and safe

  • Faster coin processing up to 3 coins per second
  • 3 independent motors for payout: faster and redundancy in case of failure
  • Thread cutter as manipulation protection
  • Magnetic instead of optical position sensor for reduced susceptibility to errors

For the time being, the device is being shipped to Switzerland in 2 cassette versions

  1. CP.GR.000.01: Payout up to 2.- with double tube for 10 cps for coffee machines
  2. CP.GR.000.06: All 6 coins from 10 cents to 5 cents can be paid out for vending machines with banknote readers and high-priced items

We can also offer other variants with other tube constellations.

A new tool is available for configuration: STS Advance.
This tool makes it even easier to adapt the configurations than directly on the device. The connection to the PC is made via a standard USB cable.

Data Sheet and Brochure

Further information directly from the manufacturer