As a supplement to the popular Compact Loader, from May 2021 we will be offering a very compact model that enables purely cashless upgrades via all known credit and debit cards
(Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Post Card) to the existing employee ID card.

In addition to the popular cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and TWINT are also supported.
TWINT is integrated directly in the device and is operated separately with QR code via the 7” display.

Thanks to predefined fixed amounts and clear user guidance in 4 languages, the transaction can be processed in a few seconds (

In addition to the Hug-Witschi RFID readers, the station can also be set up with any third-party readers (MDB interface).
The EFT terminal is also interchangeable. The well-known suppliers CCV, Ingenico, Castle, Feig and Nayax are compatible.

The device is equipped with telemetry (LAN, Wlan, GSM) out of the box, thus turnover data is provided and details of individual transactions can be viewed.

An optional kit for wall mounting is available for the stylish desktop housing.