MaX2 can be used as the little brother of the DIVA2 Base Controller for clearly defined tasks in the vending machine:

Protocol converter to MDB.
All known protocols CCI, Executive, BDV can be converted to MDB. The device supports 4 parallel systems
on the MDB bus: 2xCashless reader, coin reader, note reader. Besides vending machine applications MaX2 can also be connected to cash registers (with existing DLL).
and thus integrate any cashless systems.

Billing EVADTS
Thanks to center position, a comprehensive settlement is recorded, which is independent of the age and condition of the machine.
The readout is done in various ways: serial RS232, IrDA, SD card or network.


In addition to built-in LAN connection, the device can be expanded with GSM to 2G or 4G/ LTE (Extension204).

MaX2 is the 2nd generation and successor of MaX(no longer available).
In contrast to the previous model, MaX2 now has an Ethernet port for connection to the Hug-Witschi Cloud (Spicls).

Further the connector s1 was exchanged, where the automat is connected. S1-4 provides the appropriate interface to the vending machine depending on the cable:
– MDB (Art. No. D3.01.003.08)
– 2xMDB (Art. No. D3.01.003.87)
– CCI (art. no. D3.01.003.11)
– Executive (Art. No. D3.01.003.05)

MaX2 will be available in a pre-series at the beginning of June 2021. The main series will be available in the fall of 2021.
Art. No. MaX2 D3.03.000.01

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