Machine Reader


The DeLight vending machine reader can be connected to all vending machines, provides comprehensive statistics, can be operated online and offline, and supports all well-known RFID technologies such as Legic prime/ advant, Mifare Classic/ Desfire and Mobile (virtual tags). The hardware on the reader can be upgraded with an extension such as extension 204 GSM modem.

Winner of Vending Star 2015


The LeX2 comprises a DIVA2 controller, a LEGIC read/write electronics system and an external antenna and processes all common 13.56 MHz technologies (including LEGIC prime/advant, MIFARE DESfire/Classic/Plus) and virtual transponders on the smartphone (BLE, HCE).
It supports a large number of standards in terms of interfaces and data structures and therefore offers a high level of openness and independence. The integrated GSM modem enables vending machine data to be sent over the Internet. Hug-Witschi provides a suitable cloud solution for this. Offline data can be read out via cable, NFC, Bluetooth or IrDA. The reader’s hardware can be enhanced by options and extensions. These options include extensions for turnstiles and parking (I/O board), Printer, QR Scanner and different display variants.
Variants: MDB, BDV, EXE, CCI

DeDesk embedded 

This hardware version (either with or without DLL) is used when the reader is to be installed in an automated machine. For this purpose, the card is either inserted using an insertion reader or held near or placed on a suitable antenna.