FAQ – Charging Station

What are the differences between the various devices?

The Compact Loader family represents the latest generation with advantages regarding safety, usability, functionality and price.

In which countries is the transfer station approved?

The Compact Loader EFT is currently approved in Spain and Switzerland. From 2019, further countries will follow, as any credit card terminal can be used, with country-specific advantages.

How can the device be billed?

The typical billing by totals can be picked up with an SDcard or can also be transmitted via the network. For end customers with few devices it is particularly suitable that a variant can also be ordered by mail (pdf attachment). Ask about the various possibilities.

How is the banknote reader updated when new notes come onto the market?

The update is performed with a memory stick. This procedure is very simple and can be carried out by trained technicians or facility personnel directly on the device. Hug-Witschi AG provides multilingual instructions.

Can I use another banknote reader as cash code?

Any note reader with MDB connection can be used.