Charging Station

Compact Loader Basic

The new loading station with DIVA2 technology combines the very latest RFID and network technology with a high level of security and easy handling. The removal of cash can be easily monitored using an electronic document and, if required, also with reference to an individual. The highly secure break-in resistant steel casing prevents it from being forced open. As an alternative to the integrated RFID reader, any MDB reader can be connected. This makes the device ideal for operators who work with different payment systems. The standard version can be monitored via integrated remote maintenance and software updates and configuration changes can be performed without being on site.


  • LEGIC/MIFARE readers or universal MDB connection for all cashless systems with money on a card or money on server applications
  • Protection against vandalism thanks to optimised steel casing (1.5 – 2 mm steel casing with quadruple locking) 
  • Wide range of data and billing interfaces. Is ideal for systems fitted with DIVA (networking, billing)
  • Remote maintenance via LAN: Software updates, billing, logfiles and maintenance
  • High-end note reader with illuminated mouthpiece and high reliability. Optionally with lockable metal stacker. Easy update via stick on site possible through trained customer staff
  • Optimum price-performance ratio

Compact Loader Standard

With the loader you can easily enhance the cashless payment system in a central location. Thanks to the EFT terminal and the TWINT integration (Switzerland) you can reduce cash handling. There are variants with only EFT+TWINT, notes+TWINT or as a combination device EFT+TWINT+notes available. Operation via touch is fast and self-explanatory. Into the standard cutting various EFT terminals fits which accept credit cards, as well as local card schemes.
As an alternative to the built-in RFID reader, any MDB reader can be connected. Thus, the loader is ideal for operators, working with different payment systems.
Thanks to the built-in DIVA2 controller existing billing solutions are supported and access to electronic cash registers also are possible.
The device can be monitored via integrated remote access to the cloud server for maintenance, software updates or configuration changes.
The size and the colour of the steel casing is identical to the compact loader (notes).


  • LEGIC/MIFARE readers or universal MDB connection for all cashless systems with money on a card or money on server applications
  • Support of any contactless credit card terminals with MDB
  • Colour touch display with intuitive user interface. Multiple language support.
  • Versatile data and statistic interfaces. Fits in any installation where DIVA is equipped (networking, statistics)
  • Telemetry: Remote access via LAN, Wlan and GSM: SW updates, closing and maintenance
  • In addition, the device has an optional alarm system that signals and records unauthorised door openings
  • Integration into known back-office solutions
  • LED interior lighting for good visibility of components
  • Advantageous price-performance ratio

Compact Loader Desk

The device is another variant for upgrading the existing cashless payment system at a central location. As a supplement to the robust Compact Loader, the Desk variant is only designed for cashless applications.

The functions are basically the same as for the Compact Loader EFT: here, too, any badge system can be upgraded via the EFT terminal or directly via the built-in TWINT function.
Both the badge system and the EFT terminal can be freely selected.
The operation is multilingual via a 7” touch display.

The unit is placed on a desk or mounted on the wall with an optional wall kit.

Other ways to recharge

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