Coin changer

The device combines the advantages of the Cashflow family and Currenza (formerly NRI).
While the best elements have been consistently further developed, the known weaknesses of these devices have been eliminated in the Gryphon.
The result is a 6 tube changer with new electronics and numerous outstanding features:

More practical and faster

  • Configurations and SW updates as well as data readout via USB stick
  • Intuitive service menu for settings
  • Tube exchange with a few simple steps

More robust and safer

  • Faster coin processing up to 3 coins per second
  • 3 independent motors for payout: faster and redundancy in case of failure
  • Thread cutter as tamper protection
  • Magnetic instead of optical position sensor for less error-proneness

We offer these variants for the time being.


  • AAB, MDB: Art. No. CP.GR.000.01: tubes 2×0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1.-, 2.-
  • AAA, MDB: Art. No. CP.GR.000.06: Tubes 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1.-, 2.-, 5.-
  • other variants with Executiv on request


  • AAA: Art. No. CP.GR.000.03: tubes 2×0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1.-,

In addition, we can convert other tube variants.

A new tool is available for the configuration: STS Advance.
With it, the configurations can be adjusted even easier than directly on the device. The connection to the PC is made via a standard USB cable.

More information directly from the manufacturer:
Crane epi

G13 MDB 
  • Security using the unique MFT Multi-Frequency Technology
  • Detection of coin material by three coil pairs together with proven optical diameter
  • Simultaneous evaluation of 24 measurement parameters for 32 coin channels
  • Withdrawal barrier against Fadenmanipulation
  • Optical monitoring of coin path


  • Lock individual coins or coin groups directly on the device 
  • Up to eight tokens/coins without additional configuration tools site


  • Midi and Mini front plate
  • Supply voltage: 10–24 V DC ±10 % (optional: 10–48 V DC)

Dimensions: W x H x D

  • 102 x 89 x 52mm