The LoadIt2 program enables the loading and withdrawal of any amounts on a data carrier, which is used in the catering industry for payment at vending machines or at the POS.
Compatible readers: : DeDesk, DeLight Desk

Freeware programs

All freeware programs on this page can be run free-of-charge either with or without a licence file. For programs with a licence file, a free-of-charge licence must be requested via e-mail. This is processed within seven days. The author does not accept any liability for the up-to-dateness, correctness, completeness or quality of the freeware provided. There is no entitlement to support and/or further development of this freeware. Any comments can be sent by post to

XML Collector 

Transactions (XML format offline) and EVADTS data from all DIVA / DIVA2 can be read out with the free tool XMP-Collector.

MultiFwLoader (Freeware)

With the tool MultiFwLoader DIVAx devices can be updated. The tool allows you to load the firmware update in parallel from up to 8 DIVAx. All new DIVA2 and old DIVA systems are supported.

Print Simulator (Freeware)

Printer Simulator is a simple program which simulates an Epson TM series printer. Using the software, the printer protocol, receipts, otras and short bills of a DIVA2 device can be printed and displayed digitally.

BDV Simulator (Freeware)

The software is a simulator for a vending machine with BDV protocol. It comprises the following application cases which occur with vending machines: Normal sale, free of charge mode, sale jammed, sale failed and negative sale (money loaded into vending machine is used in reverse vending machines).