Spider2 has been developed from scratch using the latest .NET technology, but still performs the same tasks as Spider v1.xx for vending machine networking with any background system. A completely new dashboard improves the overview of the connected automata and the state of the system. Existing monitoring systems of the customer can be docked via the built-in monitoring REST API. In addition, numerous improvements have been made in terms of robustness and usability.

Offline transactions can now be processed directly by the built-in Spider2 offline tool (data readout at the vending machine conveniently via NFC Mobile).

Compatibility: because the ipayment API has been slightly modified, Spider2 is not compatible with Spider v1.xx and Spider offline. So use Spider2 only if the API has been adapted. The different backoffices of Zucchetti use Spider2 exclusively.

Spider online

Using Spider Software, vending machines with DIVA can be coupled to any back office. The back office takes on the task of user and article management and therefore also becomes a transaction-based report tool. The users’ balances can be administered centrally. This enables any chip technology to be used for payment at the vending machine. DIVA, DIVA2 and all reader products (LeX, DeLight) can be connected to the network over Ethernet. This mode gives the vending machine functions which are otherwise only possible at the POS. The back office options determine the functionality at the vending machine (not at the DIVA and/or the payment system). Vending machines which are not networked can be connected using the SpiderOffline tool in the same way as to the back office.

Spider offline

Billing with offline XML transactions

If required, DIVA can save several thousand transactions at the vending machine on the integrated memory card. All payment transactions are captured with the highest level of detail. The saved files can be read out in various ways and processed by numerous programs on the market. Up until now, the transaction data was saved in a binary format and had to be interpreted by the processing programs (back office). For more details, see AN121. As of DIVA/DIVA2 firmware version 6.xx, in addition to the binary format, an ASCII format (XML) is also available, whereby unlike the binary format, the interpreter program is also supplied with it. The SpiderOffline program converts the files and makes the data available in the Spider API (interface as .NET assembly or web service). Spider is the gateway for coupling networked vending machines to a back office. Here, it is irrelevant whether the vending machines are connected over a network (real time, data transfer) or work offline. The data interface to the back office is always the same.


Spicls is a set of cloud services associated with the DIVA2 products. Spicls means: Maintaining vending machines in a sophisticated manner and passing on data to the background system(s). The distinguishing feature is that the various data types, such as EVADTS, transactions and alarms, can be flexibly forwarded to the various back office systems entirely according to your needs. This means that vending machine billing, materials management, alarm and scheduling management and user management can be dealt with in separate systems. Spicls ensures that the correct data arrives at the correct location at the correct time.


As an extension module for every DIVA2 system, the hardware extension E204 offers full online capability. The small board can be retrofitted in the field, or it is supplied preinstalled, including the SIM card for the corresponding controller (DIVA2 Base, LeX, DeLight or MaX).